Poem: Streetlight (2017Feb15)

A poem and a passage for this evenin….

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017                                       7:18 PM



Atop a squat square stone pillar

On the corner of my neighbor’s property

(Which I can see out my window)

Is a fancy brass streetlight—more

Of a night-light for his front yard, really—or

One of them, since its twin is

Further down, out of my eye-line.

But it is a ‘beauty spot’ out there

In the dark, its pool of light spilling down

Onto the snowy crest of the stone pillar—the

Brass filigree glittering only slightly more

Then the ice-rimed, sleeping forsythia boughs

That crowd around the stone wall.

The brass and the bulb and the bark and the snow

All shine out a tiny hope-light, as if posing

For a greeting card.

© February 15th, MMXVII  by Xper Dunn

(Oh, and here’s an accompanying improv from the same afternoon):

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