Media, Boycott Trump’s Media Events   (2017Jan28)

Saturday, January 28, 2017                                               2:55 PM

There’s only one thing that would turn Trump supporters back around as quickly as they jumped on his bandwagon—and he’s doing it. All that crazy talk during the campaign got his followers revved up—but only a lunatic would actually plow right ahead with all the silliness that sounded great at a rally, but actually creates major problems, once you’ve taken office.

That is to say, it was bad enough he talked so loose about serious issues, like some cartoon character, but to actually play fast-and-loose with the ship of state—well, all I can say is, ‘He’s gonna need a bigger goon squad’. And he’s not just re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic—he’s actively widening the gash in the side of the ship. But that’s a bad turn of phrase—America had been doing pretty good, all things considered—and, had a competent President been elected, allusions to the Titanic would not be involved—I should say, rather, that Trump is the iceberg itself, destroying one of mankind’s greatest creations, merely by sitting his fat ass in the Oval Office, where clear, deep water should be.

His most delirious grasp for power is his antipathy towards video evidence, photographic evidence, reliable information sources, and journalism. Trump really thinks that he can shape information flow so completely that the truth will remain hidden for the next four years. As with all his activities, one is confused as to whether laughter or weeping is the appropriate response. These alternative-fact worker bees on the alt-right can say black is white, night is day—and that will confuse people for a time. But their lies cannot change a person’s income, lies cannot create jobs, and lies cannot reduce the stress and violence that affects so many Americans they were willing to gamble on what they thought was a ‘loose cannon’.

I might have gone along with all that ‘loose cannon’ BS—if Trump were a real maverick, an independent spirit with his own ideas about the status quo. But that is not the case here—Trump does not have his own ideas, he has delusions—Trump is not an independent spirit, he is an entitled bully who mistakes his wealth for validation. Britain is struggling to crawl out from under their big Brexit mistake, but we have to own our big mistake for four long years—no do-overs.

Still, remain calm. Once Trump gets bored, he may just sit around tweeting for the remaining three-and-a-half years. One way we could help make that happen is if the media stops giving him their full attention. After all, they could rightly point out that they are not in the business of interviewing people who always lie to them and insult them—and that’s a pretty accurate description of Trump’s administration. They could still report to the people—all they’d have to do is report on what the Congress is actually cooperating on with Trump, what other departments and agencies are being affected by Trump’s directives, and how other foreign leaders are reacting to him. They don’t really have to talk to Trump or his minions at all—especially considering what they’ve been getting out of them so far.

We know what Trump is like. How do you think he’d feel if no one came to the White House Press Room anymore, or bothered covering his ‘press conferences’, or giving him interviews? He’d probably feel almost as bad as he’s made the rest of us feel. Media, do the right thing—start giving Trump all the attention he deserves. And if you can’t do that much, at least stop putting his fucking lame-ass tweets on the front page every other damn day.

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