Dissent Is American   (2017Jan19)

Thursday, January 19, 2017                                              11:35 AM

The hypocrisy is thick enough to walk on. Lectures appear on Facebook, calling all liberals onto the carpet for not bowing down to the new god of Bullshit, our Pee-elect. I’m told it’s my patriotic duty—that’s it’s self-defeating to disrespect one’s President. As a good American, I’m supposed to accept the judgement of the American people and rally to our new C-in-C—except the First Amendment makes it my right—no, my responsibility—to speak out against bad government —except he lost the ‘popular’ by three million votes—except most Trump-voters didn’t vote for Trump so much as they voted against Hillary.

I know this because when, in my online sparring with Trumpsters, they still reach for that rebuttal—‘well, Hillary is worse’. Get this straight, Trumpsters, the election is over—all excuses from now on have to be made without your fantasy evil-Hillary as an ingredient. You can’t judge people for repudiating his taking office, if you’re still pretending it didn’t happen, too.

And that goes for the entire Republican Party—you goons have the floor, you morons have the power, you crabby farts are now in charge of what everyone else was ‘doing wrong’. While I don’t expect anything from you incompetents, your constituency is expecting real change. And don’t look now, but if you fail (that is, when you fail) there’s no one left to point your finger at. It’s all on you.

Besides, President Obama did a fantastic job—while being protested and disrespected like no other president in our history. So stop yer bitching about us libtards taking it to the Cheeto-in-Chief—if Obama’s legacy is anything to go by, it’ll be a healthy back-and-forth between opposing views. The fact that your ‘view’ is actually blindness to facts, reality, or fairness doesn’t mean you get to Nazi-ize the presidency, or make it a capital crime to insult that bag of crap.

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  1. Let them show us what they are, or aren’t capable of doing. I would like to make a huge poster of the key points you made. President Clinton had to bail out the deficit growing years of Reagan/Bush as Obama had to get us out of President Baby Bush deficits that could have destroyed the world economy. How obnoxious no one of that ilk remembers the saying “those who don’t remember history are doomed to repeat it.” At least my expectations aren’t high.
    Beautiful Senaca.

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