This Is Not A Rant   (2016Nov22)


Tuesday, November 22, 2016                                           10:59 AM

Okay, this is not a rant. My rants just perpetuate and enliven my anger and frustration—and that I don’t need. I will not rant about Standing Rock protests where National Guardsmen shoot children over an oil pipeline. I will not rant about the people who elected our next president—no matter how cold-blooded and hypocritical their delusions. I will not rant about his VP-pick—although, if there were a God, she’d fricassee his balls over a blow torch. This is not a rant. I am not angry.

What I am is out of cigarettes—so excuse me while I go roll another pack. I can’t sit here typing all day without a pack of cigarettes. That would be foolish, right?

Tuesday, November 22, 2016                                           12:27 PM

Okay, KT is swinging by in a few hours, so I can’t talk for too long. Now, where was I? Oh, yeah…I’m not ranting. But why is it that ignorant, unstable people with poor impulse control, develop such strong feelings of conviction? When I know what I’m talking about, I rarely want to attack the people who disagree. Don’t they know that when you have to shout people down and beat people up, that usually means you’re on shaky ground? The very fact that they were looking forward to taking up arms when it looked like they’d lose—kind of indicates they were more invested in the process than the result.

You can’t ‘win’ the truth by enforcing your version of it—or by getting a bunch of your drunk friends to go along with your version of it. The truth can’t be outvoted or wished away. I won’t waste another minute explaining the dangers of Trump, or Pence, or the monkey-Cabinet-to-be, or the Torquemada-Supreme-Court-nominee. Let’s just wait for Spring, and in a few months you can tell me all about how much you still love your champion—ha.

“Make America great again”? Anyone who didn’t spit on the ground in disgust, the first time they heard that idiotic slogan, is obviously mistaking their own personal problems, at this particular time, for some overall degeneracy of the whole country. As far as America goes, those morons should try spending a week in Ethiopia, Somalia, Ecuador, Serbia, or Palestine. They might as well be saying, “Make my life great again.” And their newly-elected Feces-in-Chief has as much interest in doing the one as the other—how gullible can people be? The irony is that the next progressive candidate, four years from now, will no doubt have an honest use for that slogan—but he or she won’t be able to use those tainted words.

So, stupid is on top for now, huh? Okay—enjoy it. I suppose we’ll probably be able to clean up the mess, after Trump makes a presidential ass out of himself—if he stops short of nuking the globe or deep-frying the climate. It’d be fitting, in a way, if he made ‘too stupid to live’ a real thing—for all of us. Maybe humanity’s extinction would be no great loss, if this is the best judgement we can expect from the greatest country on Earth.

Now that he’s been elected, most people assume that it’s time to take him seriously—but I can never do that. On the contrary, I will now be taking the office of President less seriously—now that it includes, in its pantheon, a perverted clown elected by a bunch of scumbags. I spent a lifetime looking up to the President as just as good a man as me, or better—just as smart as me, or smarter—but that’s over now. Obama used to talk about Hope and Change—well, I’m fresh out of hope. But if you want to see change, just keep your eyes on the bloated cocksplat entering the White House—I’m not saying it’ll be good change, but boy will there be changes made.

Okay—just one little rant—better out than in, right? Trump is a fucking asshole. Pence is a perverted slimeball. Kellyann Conway is a liar without a soul. Guiliani is a bitter psychopath. Christie is a corrupt windbag. The Republicans are without honor or courage, or a single sane idea. The media is a bunch of money-grubbing three-card-monte scam-artists. And the rest of you, whether you actually voted for these deplorables (and, yes, that is the correct term, after all) or you just stayed home and let them win—you’re all traitors who may well have doomed, not just us, but the whole world—and you’ve just made the stupidest mistake of a life full of stupid mistakes. Own that, you miserable Nazi motherfuckers. Rant completed.

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