But You ARE Deplorable   (2016Sep23)

Friday, September 23, 2016                                              10:10 AM

An Ohio Trump campaign chairwoman resigned yesterday after sharing her delusional world view with a reporter—a view that seemed to blame Obama for the existence of racism. (Thanks Obama.)

Trump supporters have many self-serving delusions—they see in Trump an authority figure who legitimizes their particular crazy. It makes them feel better. They see the present as a travesty, brought on by those who just don’t understand the ‘rightness’ of their racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia, and islamophobia. Hillary got in trouble recently for being too straightforward in describing this phenomenon (and, for some reason, using the word ‘basket’).

Secretary Clinton was just being honest. Dangerous for a politician, granted—but it seems outrageously unfair that Trump’s steady stream of disinformation gets lovingly massaged by the media, while Hillary’s momentary frankness becomes her ‘biggest mistake’. Sorry, half of Trump supporters (or whatever the precise fraction may be)—but you are deplorable.

When our country once faced a similar crisis, FDR told us they only thing we had to fear was fear itself. Donald Trump wants to undo that tradition—Trump thinks fear is good stuff—he tells us to be very afraid. And you deplorables are listening. Trump tells you that inclusion is weakness, that mercy is foolhardy, and that action is better than thought—and you believe him.

Trump tells us that we don’t need to see his tax returns—we should trust him. He tells us that his indebtedness to other countries won’t affect his decision-making. He tells us that his family business won’t create a conflict of interest with his presidency—well, he’ll be right about that one—there’s a lot of people like me in this country who will do our damnedest to ensure he never gets near the White House. Vote for Hillary.

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  1. A few comments were made yesterday where African-Americans were blamed for their own problems economically. I am sure their may have been good intentions when Projects were built. I am proud of our city trying to build duplexes and intermingling them throughout the city. But it isn’t enough. I believe sweeping changes are needed, but I surely do NOT believe Trump is the man to do it. Sweeping changes do not need to be made overnight, but they have to start. Paul Ryan won ‘t bring the bi-partisan crime bill to the floor for a vote. Mass incarceration for the war on drugs has done nothing.
    Frankly, I am getting nervous about this election. How stupid are Americans to hold Mrs. Clinton to such a high standard as they forgive or forget all the insults thrown by Trump. One specifically to me when he mocked the disabled reporter. What he could say about my walking and posture would bother me.
    There is more misogyny in this country than I thought. Even woman are so hateful to her with no good reason. But, I do blame her campaign for not straightening out some of her issues. Many ads are in NC. They are all insults to Trump. None tell of her good works. And the “server”. What a self-inflicted wound that is. I want her to win, I just don’t think they are making the inroads they need.

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