Seneca and Me (2016Sep17)

Saturday, September 17, 2016                                          12:58 PM

Wow—even I’m tired of me—I can’t imagine how fed up you must be, dear reader. But it’s the weekend now, so I’m going to do my best not to say anything until Monday, maybe even Wednesday—who knows?

Our granddaughter has a wonderful new toy in her crib—a small keyboard that she can play with her tootsies. Punkin sent me a video of it, so I’ve made a new video of the two of us playing together. Enjoy. (I’m the one in the green shirt.)

3 responses to “Seneca and Me (2016Sep17)

  1. Senaca is good. that is cute. This reader is so very tired of this election. I got Netflix to binge and avoid the news. I awaken to the sound of Trump It is a horror. I only watch Morning Joe and even that I can sleep thru and have lately if I am so blessed as to sleep. I just discovered Nyquil. blessed be a sleep-filled night and a day without political lies

    • Yeah, I blew it–I surfed channels until I heard a news-panel discussing trump’s lies about birtherism–my resolve to hold off on posting went right out the window…. o well

      • Yea, oh well. I know how annoying it gets. It tenses me up physically. That’s how badly I am affected by it. This is probably the most important reason for me to stay away from the sickness that is spewed. But if I wrote like you, I may take that way of expressing my angst. Do what you must.

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