Huzzah!   (2016Jul12)

Tuesday, July 12, 2016                                             7:40 PM

Don Pietro del Cianflone has returned from summer hiatus—sing laude and strike the tambor! Here, we have the Buds-Up Semi-Ensemble wreaking havoc with the laws of both rhythm and harmony in a spectacular display of bongo-osity and piano-tivity. If you spot this duo—notify the musical authorities at once. If you hear something—you’ve heard too much!



The rest of this is just me—nothing to see here, just move it along…






That’s that, for now. A big thanks to Peter Cianflone for the jam session!


2 responses to “Huzzah!   (2016Jul12)

  1. I got online wondering where you were. Enjoyed the duo. Do me a favor if you don’t mind. I have drums like Pete has and if you could get his right hand in the shot a bit more, I may learn a little more. No big deal for I suppose it should come from my inner unrhythmic self.

    • I sympathize–my rhythm is pretty non-existent. Pete, however, has been a professional drummer his whole life. He plays bongos when we jam because it’s too much work to shlepp his drum kit–not that I have the room for it anyway. I was disappointed I cut off his right hand, too–my camera-work isn’t much better than my piano playing. I’ll try harder next time. Glad you enjoyed the music.

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