A Breezy Life (2016May16)

New videos–and a poem to go with….

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Monday, May 16, 2016                                            6:20 PM

A Breezy Life

Windy trees singing their whispers all afternoon

I played the piano until the music ran out

Now I’m so stuffed with dinner I’m about to pass out

Claire drew a nude at the Art Center today

She looks like the statue of Liberty

So well-drawn it made my fingers itch

For the days when I could do the same.

A good person who is my wife (not a ‘good wife’)

And, fortunes excessive, a good daughter and a good son too

A good home, good neighbors (some of them)

And good scenery—it’s lovely down by the lake

A life good enough for a fairy tale—

Who wouldn’t live in terror of losing it?

To die is easy—we get off scot free.

It’s when we lose our lives while we live—

That’s the horror incarnate.

Better to die in the fairy tale…

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