Writing Nothing (2016May15)

Double-Whammy Sunday….

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Sunday, May 15, 2016                                              12:04 PM

Other than bitching about the creaks and cranks of being old, I have no thoughts in my head today. It’s double-whammy Sunday, since not only is my mind a blank, but I’ve just been reading some of my StreetArticles.com posts of two and three years ago—and I’m a little afraid that my writing isn’t what it used to be.

20160428XD-LilacsInBloom (18)

I mean, yeah—I would lose the thread of my argument sometimes, I’d break up the mood of a piece by going off on some small point—it could be uneven, even difficult, reading at times. But my latest writing, while more thought out and less raw, doesn’t have quite the same verve. I’ve replaced the heart with the mind—and if that makes my arguments more sound and my writing more polished, it also loses something of my passion.

20160428XD-LilacsInBloom (15)

There’s also an unavoidable attrition when writing every…

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