A Fine Friday   (2016Mar11)

Friday, March 11, 2016                                            6:51 PM

Pete came by today, after a long illness, but was still willing to play along—even after I tired him out with too much Chopin. I’ll spare you all the Chopin mazurkas—but here’s the jam session:




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      • Oh, no, you didn’t screw up. I wrote and then lost it before posting it. I enjoyed that improv very much, Chris. I’ll try to rewrite what I lost. I am sorry Pete has been ill. He is a good friend to you and vice versa. I have a drum like he was playing and thought I could get a few pointers watching him. Asheville has drum circles. I liked the flowers since I see dots anyway, so a change is good. I want to search terms like mazurkas, sonatas, rhapsodies, etc but I don’t know what search term to use. Any idea. I like Chopin. I like Mozart. I like you.
        A while back I asked my bro to unfriend you for I didn’t like his remarks to you. Y’all are different thinkers. I wanted you to myself as far as that goes with FB. He asked me to ask for your email and I said I was afraid of rejection. I just noticed you gave it to me. Meant a lot to me. I don’t communicate well with a lot of folks for they are stupid. I am not as smart as you, but I don’t enjoy dribble talk.
        I just got a book by Michael Tyrell. He was “inspired” to write some “wholetones”. There titles are like 741hz. It is supposed to help the brain and some lost tone has been found. I am reading the book before playing the 6 CD’s and the DVD that came with it. I am looking forward to it. I have been curious about vibration lately. My struggles lead me down some interesting roads.
        I am researching stem cell therapy. I will need a hip replacement if I can’t get more cartilage. No guarantees at $5000. I rollercoaster on feeling good and bad. But, I do my work. I just went through dry needle therapy which was discovered in a clinical trial of lidocaine injections into taught muscle balls that are hard as rocks. The placebo group which had no lidocaine reacted better than those who had lidocaine. very interesting. They use acupuncture needles but aren’t used on meridians but on the adhesions. It helped to a point.
        I am very impressed with your improving improvs. I haven’t done much in that area lately and am ok with it.
        My dog wants my attention which just means get off the computer. Little shit.
        I so enjoy your political and social insights. Last night I heard that there are 4 questions that can be asked of folks that will determine if they are Trump supporters. It isn’t based on demographics yet the questions weren’t revealed. I think “were you bullied as a child” may be one The ?’s are childhood related. I can’t believe what is going on with the brains of our fellow citizens. I like your thinking. You help me put my thoughts in a more cogent train of thought. I am a very tangential thinker and communicator thus getting lost sometimes.
        You take care and best wishes to Clair.

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