No Black President   (2016Feb14)

Sunday, February 14, 2016                                               10:05 AM

Excuse me? Obama shouldn’t appoint Scalia’s successor? Oh I’m sorry—I was under the foolish impression that the President appoints SCOTUS nominees and the senate confirms them. Is this like the Executive Order thing—where it has always been a prerogative of Presidents—until we got a black one? Republicans, we know you guys are all closeted-bigots—why do you have to expose your racism so blatantly?—I thought politicians liked to be cagey about their failings as human beings.

Trump put it on the table: “Delay. Delay. Delay.” That’s been the GOP response to all government activity since Obama was sworn in—they told us that’s what they’d do—and they’ve kept their word with a vengeance. It is ironic that, in electing our first black president, we have not proved that racism is over—but the opposite. The senate has the power to delay any Obama appointee—yet they immediately start a conversation about how Obama shouldn’t even make an appointment—that it wouldn’t be ‘right’ for him to take advantage of being the President.

Now, I really shouldn’t put all the blame on the racist fuckheads known as the Republican congress—it took whole communities of racist fuckheads to elect these haters to their seats. This country is crawling with idiots—look at Trump’s poll numbers—look at our international standings in education ranking. America is the land of the free—and in the twenty-first century we see Americans have embraced the freedom to abandon reason.

But freedom is a responsibility, not an amusement park ride—if it is divorced from sober common sense, as in the case of many Americans, it becomes mere licentiousness—permission to indulge our darkest failings, rather than enable our highest aspirations. When people say freedom isn’t free, they suggest that it must be won with blood and sacrifice—but there is something else mandated by freedom—live and let live. And it is the ‘let live’ part that a lot of Americans have thrown out with the bath-water.

Conservatives have only recently presented us with their twisted ‘religious freedom’ argument to make America a Christian theocracy—but they have been doing the same ass-backward reasoning about Freedom for decades without anyone calling them on it—raising the issue of ‘police safety’ in response to the police habitually slaughtering young black men—raising the issue of ‘teachers unions’ in response to the shameful dysfunction of inner-city schools—favoring tax breaks for the powerful while insisting that we can’t afford to feed the homeless children. They make me ashamed to be American.

Now the real question—why are the Republicans afraid of an Obama-appointed justice? Will that appointee be too concerned with people, not concerned enough with the fat cats? Will that appointee see women as the equals of men? Will that person (god forbid) accept the reality of climate change? Oh, no! The world is going to end. I’m so mad I could spit. Racist assholes….

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  1. Excellent post, Chris. I like your name for the GOP, racist fuckheads. I think I will use it. I am adding it to my computer’s dictionary I think you would make an excellent columnist. The Nation magazine should read your political posts.

    • Thanks so much, Mindy. I get a bee in my bonnet on some current event and I start cursing a blue streak–I know it’s wrong but, at the time, it feels so right. But when I let my anger take over, it’s really bad for my health–usually I have the sense to stay away from politics. But not always.

  2. Right now, I DO have to stay away from heavy politics. The Bush years were tough on my health. I get mad, I just don’t put it together in a cogent manner as you do. It was hard to avoid the death of Scalia. Yes the FH’s will do their evil. Trump is refreshing for telling the FHs things they should hear. But, Pres., no way. Keep your distance as I know you will. There is a balance of being informed and being consumed. Best of luck with it for the both of us.
    The Reiki thing is an electromagnetic thing I think. just researched PEMF’s. Google it. I am very interested in one. Re: getting better, it would be that I try to hold my own and keep up on the latest non-AMA way of better health.

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