Sadness, Then a Big Day   (2015Aug06)

Thursday, August 06, 2015                                               10:27 AM

The night before last we had some terrible news—Jessy’s wonderful dog, Tuesday, passed away post-surgery in San Jose, CA, apparently from a reaction to the anesthesia. Tuesday was the best dog ever and she had a full life, but she will be sorely missed. There is much sorrow here and in California.

On a happier note, I had a big day yesterday. In pursuit of my driver’s license I took my fresh-minted learner’s permit to the five-hour mandatory course last night. For those of you like me who got their first license in the seventies, the process used to be (1) learner’s permit, and (2) driving test. Now they have this middle step—a five-hour driving course with a certificate that must be surrendered at the time of the driving test. The hardest part is spending five hours in a chair—my ass is killing me—but I have a certificate now.

Meantime, I was running the Windows 10 upgrade on my home PC. It ran all day without doing anything. I thought it was no good. Then I remembered to turn off my anti-virus protection software, and the upgrade ran fine. I’ve spent the morning today getting used to the changes—but it will take awhile, as always, before I settle in to the new protocols. So far, however, I’ve been spared the inconvenience of having to upgrade all my other software and hardware-drivers, which is new—and much appreciated.

There’s a new feature to Windows 10, the One Drive—a ‘cloud’-like storage that allows ‘anywhere’ access to personal files—I’d be thrilled if I had an I-pad or other remote device—or if I ever left the house.

As for today I think I’ll just take it easy. I’m not used to days as busy as yesterday was. I can take one of them, but not a bunch in a row, like a normal person—I still have a ways to go before I reach that level of re-engagement with life. But I do have the latest OS on my PC, and I’m that much closer to regaining the driver’s license I let lapse during my long illness—and that’s a pretty big deal from where I’m standing. Who knows—I may get a job someday soon if things keep on this way—or, at least, I’ll be able to drive myself to a job interview.

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  1. You are making progress on your license, congrats. NC doesn’t do the 5 hr class though it does something much more devious. They let us keep our expiring license for ID, as if folks take an expired anything for ID. Our test gets sent to the capital and we get a paper copy back. That is what I am hearing anyway. NC’s goal is to prevent some folk from voting for I am sure one pays each step of the way. We have the worse anti–voting laws in the country. Each attempt is being challenges in court. We have a group that protests once a week over these things and other injustices the state attempts to do. It is called Moral Mondays. They travel across the state or go where they need to be, such as the Supreme Ct……Do you have a post about your medical events and timeline. I know our situations are different but I hear my feelings in some of what you say. This thing we inhabit is a very bizarre place to be. I know I have a story of the long strange trip my body and I have lived. My writing isn’t that good and I wouldn’t want it to be an “I” and “I” tale…..Your writing or quotes of others, like Elliot causes me to use my dictionary for which I give you thanks. Hebetude was the last one. Oh, what a good one it was when I read it due to my state of mind at the time……I want to tell you how much I admire how much you accomplish in your days…Chris, this is no small thing and please feel good about yourself. …….I am sorry about your friends lose of Tuesday. What joy animals are, but the loss is so hard……Keep on with your endeavors. Much enjoyed.

    • Yes, I almost included a pre-emptive definition for ‘hebetude’–I know from my own experience that it needs to be looked up and I don’t try to be hard to read. Then again, it’s so easy to look things up nowadays.

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