Two Versions of Sunday (2014Jul29)

Happy Birthday to Ethel Louise Dunn! (my sainted mother) who has just moved from her home on the outer shore of Hilton Head Island to a smaller place near the bridge…

BTW–if anyone knows of a buyer looking for a place on Hilton Head, please let me know! (She has been unable to sell her old place, so far.)

click Photo to link to Open Listing (Zillow)


Today’s offering is unusual–I have produced two versions of the same improv – “Sunday At The Hop”.

This first one has been modified (and the one below it is unchanged from the original recording):


Don’t be fooled by the weird Title Card–I made this ‘As-Is’ version after I’d created the ‘Modified’ one, so I just applied the ‘psychedelic’-color-effect to the existing card…




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