All Good Things (2014Jun30)

June is such a beautiful month–I’m sorry to see it go. July and August are nice and hot–but they can get awfully serious about that ‘hot’ business….

The last thirty seconds of this video is just the wind in the treetops. (Yes, I was in the yard with my camera/camcorder again). The trouble with the sounds of nature is that they are invariably more beautiful than any music, especially mine. So I left the sweeter sounds for the end:




20140630XD-JuneDrowsesAway 004


20140630XD-JuneDrowsesAway 008


20140630XD-JuneDrowsesAway 009


20140630XD-JuneDrowsesAway 012


20140630XD-JuneDrowsesAway 015


20140630XD-JuneDrowsesAway 019



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