I Do Believe In Spooks, I Do Believe In Spooks, I Do, I Do…. (2014Feb26)

I Do Believe In Spooks, I Do Believe In Spooks, I Do, I Do….

Wednesday, February 26, 2014          1:00 AM

A Thought:

So I wanted to say to all my friends that in spite of my being atheist, I still believe in the impossible—and I believe in magic, spirits, UFOs, and anything else—but having said that, I don’t believe any of us really knows anything—thus it would be idiotic not to believe in the unknown.


The thing about most religions is that they seem convinced they have specific knowledge of something none of us can possibly know—like what ‘happens’ after we die. I haven’t the slightest idea, but I don’t think anyone else does either. And I’m highly suspicious of anyone who says they do.


People say, “You have to have faith in God”, but all I really need is to have faith in the person or persons saying that. If God wants me to have faith, he/she/it should say so, and stop all this passive-aggressive nonsense. If someone wants me to have faith, they need to start with first principles—why should I trust the person speaking? I’d be likelier to clap for Tinker-Bell than to pray to a God who is at once so unknowable—and yet so well-known-and-understood by the leadership of these religions.


Another Thought:

I saw a TV ad for a drug—the announcer was saying something about side-effects ‘may include swelling of the lips or throat’, but I misheard it as, ‘smelling of the lips’—and that got me thinking about random side-effects—this is a bit that Colbert (on his ‘Report’) does a lot—and I came up with—

Side-effects may include:

smelling of the lips, lobster-jaw, enphlegmation of the flamm, kitten-sneeze, and boxer/brief bruising..

(But, with my useless memory, I may just be sub-consciously plagiarizing Colbert for half of these.)


Yet Another Thought:

I’ve just burned my newest CD of improvs—a full hour and twenty minutes worth of what I consider some of my most listenable piano-playing ever—if I could just remove my first 1,332 videos, maybe someone might actually listen to the last 15—still, I had to post the 1,332 to get here, so nix mox…

I’ve also written an entertaining essay or two (although, as with my music, amongst the dross of hundreds of essays) but it has become clear to me that there aren’t a lot of people looking online for witty banter in essay form—who’da thunk it?

Lately I’m really upset about my hands shaking—drawing wild pictures was always my big crowd-pleaser, and now that I have the globe for an audience—I can’t draw!

Sucks to be me. But only once in a while…


I am now———-Thoughtless. 

‘til later….


2 responses to “I Do Believe In Spooks, I Do Believe In Spooks, I Do, I Do…. (2014Feb26)

  1. You do have the ability to make me laugh… and this rambling is no exception..
    What happens to us when we die? We either burn in a crematorium or rot in a box under the ground, I’d of thought that obvious to a person with your intelligence… it is what happens to the soul that worries me… lol…
    However I need to see a side effect on a pill box that says “excessive grinning, or unusual happiness” something along those lines…
    As for your writing, I’m sure that I have, either here or on SA, advocated you need to write a book… with your style and humour it would be a best seller, shit why won’t you listen to me? I have now finished my book and the Editor is sorting it out and my writing is nothing compared to yours…
    As for the hand shakes.. I’d seek advice on that one, at our age it could be all sorts, that if caught early can be reversed…

  2. Thanks, Rob – or should I say ‘faithful reader’ since you’re my entire audience, it seems? I am encouraged by the fact that most of my posts get a ‘like’ from someone I’ve never heard of before–but discouraged that none of them comes back for seconds, never mind giving me the attention you have so kindly provided.

    I have written a few books-worth, by now. To quote Archimedes, “Give me a place to stand and an ‘Editor’ long enough, and I can move the world…” I think it is unfair to make it necessary for me to do everything! Truth is, I spent my working career in marketing–and I can’t stand the sight of a conference room or the thought of an interview–so, once I’ve completed anything, I balk at the practical-next-steps and end up recurring another ‘creationary’ bit of work.

    As my only reader, I hope you realize that you have your own, private ‘artiste’ working to entertain you 24-7. I leave it up to you whether that’s a good or bad thing.

    As for the shakes, pardon my whining–it’s a result of my neuropathy and, while my neurologist has found a prescription that allows a few hours of partial relief, it takes its toll for a day or two afterwards–I appreciate the icon of the ‘suffering artist’ as much as the next guy, but that’s too little return for too much trouble..

    And again, in the words of the immortal Eeyore, “Thanks fer noticin’ “.

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