Strawberry Hill (2013Oct28)

Wrote another poem today:


Poem (?)

Argffth! Spttoo-o-o-o-o-o-o! Yaughck!

Augh, I can’t.. Hack-Hack-spurtle..I can’t Breath! cough



Where’re the others?

O my god (cough)

What happened?!


                 -by XD

And then my lovely Claire came home (with a whopper jr w/cheese–the bestest) and I played for her–It came out kinda romantic, so I named it after those Spanish-language soap-operas they call ‘Novelos’:

Improv - Novelo

Improv – Novelo

…As you can see, today’s graphics theme is ‘Strawberry Hill Gothic’, a old, brief fad in architecture. I couldn’t say what connection to the Beatles’ “Strawberry Fields” there is, if any–I always figured the Beatles did Strawberry Fields for the same reason the Kinks did “Ducks On The Wall”–because it was something their parents liked, and they hated.

All these pictures are examples–I guy named Walpole got rich from writing Halloween stories, and this was his dream house style–I read about in a post I shared earlier today (You can go on my Facebook page and find the one called simply ‘Halloween’) and I Googled images of the style…

so, here’s a few more:

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  1. Fascinating post Chris… don’t quite understand the whole Halloween thing we have nothing like that here…. would struggle to find a pumpkin at this time of year in any case…

    • It’s sad, really–much like hitchhiking, it was common in my childhood but fading away today… at least, in the old format–we kids would make (or later maybe buy) costumes–pirates, ghosts (a sheet with two holes), and witches were very popular, but there was an upper echelon of moms who made incredible things. We’d all go wander the neighborhood after dark, with our pillow cases (no parents) and knock on every door up and down the streets–in my day, it had the air of an endurance trial (we’d sometimes come home, dump the pillow-case and run back outside). There were parties were bobbing for apples and apple cider were virtually mandatory. One real OC-type would transform their yard or living room into a ‘haunted house’. And we wore our costumes to school and work–it was a silly day to be sure–perfect for kids.

      Nowadays, not so much… (and of course YOU have no pumpkins in October–you live upside-down, you nut!)

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