mucho musico (October 10th, 2013)

Just a few notes: I made up ‘Wulfric the Bad’–as far as I know, there’s no actual person with that name–Boston, on the other hand, is an actual place, but also the name of my niece’s daughter. The rest is pretty self-explanatory…





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  1. I don’t know what it is… probably our Internet, but I do struggle with the longer songs.. they seem to stop and start, then I think you might have been beamed from outer space or something… specially when you freeze like that…lol

    • I had thought these were downloadable from the YouTube page–I know I’ve done that before.. But, just now, I couldn’t figure out how–there’s no button for download.
      If you’d like I can email some of the recent mp3s–they won’t have that o-so-vital video of me sitting on a bench, but you’ll be able to hear the music without the hiccups, etc. of streaming it through your ISP.

      wait, I just looked at the average filesize of these mp3s–they can go 8 Mg for a shorty, the nineteen minute one goes 27 Mg. Let me see if I can’t put it online as a download, so we don’t have to deal with email-filesize-limits. busy bakson

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