Two New Improvs (2013Sep04)

I’ve been playing a lot of Edward McDowell recently, the “Sea Pieces” and “New England Idyll”–I’m just crazy enough to try taping some of it in the near future.

It’s been awhile since I gave forth with a long session–I hope it’s worth 8 minutes of my time to listen to–and yours, as well.

Please note: It has been brought to my attention that
the tree I photographed and used here in
the title, is a Walnut Tree and not a mighty oak, after all.
My apologies….

The title, ‘Fallen Oak’ came from today, when a beautiful old oak tree that graced the side of Juniper Drive for many years toppled in the wee hours of this morning. Following the videos, which use a photo of mine of the fallen tree for the ‘titles’ and ‘credits’ background,  I’ll also be posting my pictures from when I walked down there today to see for myself. Claire says it’s because of all the rain–and I don’t doubt it, since there was no wind to speak of last night. Global Climate Change is starting to annoy me!

Now this second improv makes up for the last one by being only a bit more than one minute in duration. The good news on these short ones is–if they’re no good, at least they don’t waste a lot of your time.  Beyond that, I named it with one of my favorite-type ‘suave sillynesses’–you know, “her lips like sweet cherries, her skin of pure alabaster”, that sort of thing–I always seem to make up the longest names for the shortest pieces–go figure…

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Here’s those pix:

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