You Want To Know What It Is?

I’ll tell you what the f***k it is—it’s the goddam Obama-haters. The one thing we, as Americans, have always done is to accept the elected president and treat him with the respect deserved by the office, regardless of our feelings for the person elected. I’ll grant you, we had a lot of fun sniping at Bush 2.0 because he didn’t have the greatest command of grammar, English, arithmetic, or public speaking—but we never expressed the violence implied by the vitriol of the ‘I hate Obama’ party.

Even when it became crystal clear a few months into the occupation of Iraq that there were never any WMDs and that the whole war was a ‘pet project’ of Dubya’s and his cronies’, when he committed our troops to an unnecessary invasion, did we ever question his citizenship, or his faith, or his intentions. Even when there were a lot of outstanding questions about his win over Gore in 2000, once the FL supreme court ruled and Bush was inaugurated—no one ever trashed his character or swore to fight his every single piece of legislation in Congress, or block his every single Presidential appointee, or call for outright violence against his person.

Only the Obama-haters have ever so ruthlessly disgraced this country with their obviously racist fury. I would give them the benefit of the doubt if their objections and allegations remained respectful of this country and the office of the Presidency. But they made history with their disrespect.

No one, before Obama, had ever been called ‘Liar!’ in the middle of his state of the union address—and by a member of congress, no less. This congress is set to make history over the next few months as the most useless, do-nothing, back-biting bunch of bulls**t-artists this country has ever seen.

A record low in the number of bills passed. And the Republican party, i.e. the people who brought you the worst fiscal crisis since the Great Depression, just days before Obama would become president-elect, could hardly wait for him to take the oath, so they could start blaming him for their greed and corruption—and the millions of Americans who lost their jobs under Bush’s watch.

Legislation that was copied word for word from earlier, Republican conceptions was nevertheless voted down by that party’s office-holders, especially the health care bill they so loudly declaim is unconstitutional.

All of this unprecedented rage and stubborn, irresponsible behavior in elected officials is proof, to me, that we are not talking politics here—we are talking racism, pure and simple, and I think the whole conservative camp in this country should be ashamed of their childish and ignorant behavior. That’s what the f**k it is. Prove me wrong, you tea-party clowns and closeted sex criminals and corrupt, fat, toxic bunch of fools.

I mean, Jeez! You people took what was potentially the proudest moment in our nation’s history—proof that the American ideal of equality was real, Not just a bunch of bulls**t, and you ruined it by publicly and strenuously screaming your heads off about our President being this, not being that, putting obstacles in front of every single move he tried to make.

And let’s get this straight—this was not tit-for-tat. President Obama has done his damnedest to try and get this country out of the ditch the Republicans abandoned it in, to end the useless wars the Republicans got us into, to get services for the troops who were wounded, or the families of the dead, to improve our infrastructure, our educational system, and a whole lot more. Every day that man gets up, rubs his eyes and says, ‘Well, let’s keep trying, let’s get to work.’ And every damned day the Republicans greet him with catcalls and obfuscation and dithering over nits.

The Republicans have spent nearly eight years straight now, working their hardest to ruin this nation. They call it politics—I call it treason.

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  1. Yes I must admit I sit this side of the ocean and wonder at the goings on that side… is it hate Obama or is it still based on latent racialism.?? a good question that we as Africans get shot at by Americans and for that matter the rest of the world… Is America not also still living in the past and judging by the colour rather than standing behind the man that the majority voted for.??
    It is a horrible thought that the rest of the world relies on the USA to save the woes of the world, and that this has to be lead by a man that in his own country seems to be hated with a vengeance second to none…
    I have written about it before and say again if the USA does not wake up we will be sitting in a return to communistic world that we were almost rid of…
    The hate Obama is almost as bad as the twin tower attack that somehow seemed to unite America behind an less than brilliant President, have they forgotten this? Have they become so complacent that the next attack is just around the corner because the people are concentrating on breaking the unity of a country rather than uniting behind the chosen President??
    Beware America… what is it that was said to Caesar.. or should I say Shakespeare’s words…
    Caesar: Doth not Brutus bootless kneel?
    Casca: Speak, hands, for me! [They stab Caesar.]
    Caesar: Et tu, Brute? Then fall, Caesar! [Dies.]
    Cinna: Liberty! Freedom! Tyranny is dead!
    Is this what the American people think????

    • A lot of the controversy is started by the smallest-minded, loudest-voiced ‘interest’ group–then the vast majority of us spend that week listening to pundits talk about an extreme viewpoint that represents just a handful of extremists. And there are a lot of differences between the hundreds of millions of Americans in fifty states, in cities, on farms, and suburbs like mine. Sure, racists still live here–but our election results show that there are plenty of right-thinking folks, too. Sure, there are some hate-mongering evangelicals christians that differ from muslim extremists by only a few details–but there are millions of church-going Christians who focus on the Golden Rule, charity, and tolerance. We just had a gay-bashing attack in Greenwich Village last month–there hasn’t been one of those since the 1990s! We’ve made huge strides in LGBT inclusion, in the courts and in the media–but there are still some twisted people who clutch their hatred to their chest like it was loyalty.

      So, no matter how much social progress we achieve (and you can take that ‘we’ to mean the USA, or the whole world) there are always going to be legacies of ignorance, bigotry, intolerance, misogyny, and extremism. I prefer to look at the big picture, and relegate these ‘obsoletists’ to the furthest margins of my awareness. If only Congress wasn’t on the news so often!

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