Awá Versus Loggers: The Brasilian Avatar

The sci-fi writer, Joan Slonczewski, brings to our attention this ‘truth in fiction’ scenario–and there’s no sign of Sigourny Weaver showing up to save the day…


While back here on this planet, the Awá people of Brasil are locked in a struggle much like that of Pandora in the film Avatar. The Awá are peaceful people, who normally wear barely more than the Sharers. They adopt orphaned monkeys, even breastfeeding them like babies. But–despite official demarcation of their pathetically small reserve–the reserve is not respected. Loggers encroach, and like the invaders of Pandora, they seek a rich mineral–iron ore.

The Awá’s only hope is Western litigation and public outcry. And despite being murdered and plundered, their enduring sense of humor.

Visit and help save this amazing community.

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