XperDunn – Music Update for Bastille Day (2012July14)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Okay, same drill as last time–click on a video title to hear my music.

It is recommended that the window be minimized and the music play in background while you play Snood or do Paperwork or whatever. I have tried to make some of them with interesting video effects and subtitled ‘factoids’, but even then, it is a video of myself at the keyboard–if I could have uploaded the Windows Media Player’s Alchemy visualization, you could see what I like to have on-screen while I listen to my stuff (It’s much better than the piano video, it has more motion and color–and the way it changes in time with the music is great.)

I post less and less of my sheet-music stuff–I can’t seem to sight-read as well as last year, and none of it ever seems worthy of sharing, since it is boring and annoying at the same time. Those few that I have posted recently will give ample evidence of what I’m talking about, unfortunately. On a happier note, my improvs seem to be ‘thickening’, if that’s a thing (?), and getting longer, too. It may be that my bag of tricks is big enough now to support these 10 to 20 minute improvs, without running out of new material. And another benefit of the increased ‘figures’-pallette is I have more things to mash together, rarely allowing me to make new ‘tricks’ even I wasn’t expecting….



A YouTube-links Update of recent XperDunn Improvs

XperDunn plays Piano (UpDate) for July 14th, 2012

Improv – Banquet Hall (2012July13)

Improv – Fanfare (2012July13)

Improv – Curlique (2012July13)

J.S.Bach “The Well-Tempered Clavier – Book II” – Prelude-Fugue in g Min__Fugue in G (2012Jul09)

Improv – Burnoose (2012Jul09)

Improv – Novella (2012Jul07)

Improv – Independence Day (Fourth of July! – 2012)

Improv – Independence Eve (2012Jul03)

Improv – Bouillabaisse (2012Jul01)

Improv – Long Lonely Wait (2012Jun25)

Improv – The Long Break (2012Jun24)

Improv – Sunny Summer Day (2012Jun19)

Improv – Noblest Of Daughters  (2012Jan26)

“Imagination” (By Van Heusen and Burke) (2012Jun18)

Improv – Morning Bright (2012Jun08)

Improv – Take That, Piano! (2012Jun07)

Improv – Melodious (2012Jun07)

Improv – June Bride (2012Jun07)

Three(3) Jazz Standards (2012Jun07)

J.S. Bach’s the Well-Tempered Clavier Book II – Preludes & Fugues Nos.10,11,12 (2012May30)

Improv – Frying Pan  (2012May18)

Improv – Flee From Fleas (2012May30)

Improv a La Exercise (2012May30)

Five (5) Jazz Standards (2012May24)

Improv* In 2 Parts (2012May16)*(w/apology2HrmansHermits”For Your Love”)

Improv – Rooster (2012May07)

Improv – Dr. Zeus (2012May04)

Improv – May Day! May Day! (2012May01)

SILLY SUPPER (2012Apr29)

A. Vivaldi -Concerto – transcribed for Keyboard by J.S. Bach (2012Apr26)

Improv – Peeps (2012Apr26)

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