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Just some clarification regarding these 766 uploads on the xperdunn channel–in case anyone was wondering…

Blues/Jazz/Broadway/Swing/Pop/etc. songs I post:

I’m no Michael Feinstein–I know because I saw him on PublicTV recently-incredible!–I only post these old standards from the ‘American Songbook’-ish category as an opportunity to hear how they sound as an at-home, around-the-piano, maybe-sing-along-ish-type pastime.
If anyone finds them so, there are all these and more, available as piano sheet music–or more often, the popular ‘3-way’ songbooks for piano, voice and guitar chords. I usually go to Bramson Music in Mt. Kisco–but I sometimes order online from sheetmusicplus.com.
It seems felicitous that, where once every parlor had a piano, I grew up in a world where pianos had nearly disappeared from homes–and, today, the keyboard is once again a familiar site in the home, in the form of Casios, Korgs, etc. These new-fangled-pianers are also nice because they can be moved–even thrown in the trunk of one’s car.

As for the lyrics:

I rarely include any of these songs’ lyrics as sub-titles in my videos. It is very time-consuming and too much trouble for me. If I ever get a microphone, I’ll be able to make my voice audible over the piano. (Plus, adding lyrics seems to be a bigger infringement, copyright-wise, than playing and singing the actual sheet music — don’t ask me why, I just play here…)

But not to worry– Lyrics are easily Googled–and, once you’ve located your preferred ‘Song Lyrics’ WebSite, you can just search Song Titles on that site for any subsequent songs–try making the two windows on your desktop, side-by-side–and you can sing-along–even when you’re on your own…

The Bach, Tchaikovsky, Mendelssohn, and assorted classical pieces:
These are execrable, I know that — but I have to record them, when I can, just in case I someday play one all the way through without making any mistakes.

Finally, my Improvs:
These are just doodles but, sometimes, one comes out real nice–and I can’t tell without listening a few times, so I record all of them that I can.

here’s the URL list for February 16th, 2012:


Three (3) Standards (2012Jan26)
Improv – Splitsville (2012Feb06)
Improv – Cherry Pie (2012Feb06)
“Sugar, Sugar” and “Tequila” (2012Feb06)
Improv – Rousing Adventure (2012Feb07)
Improv – Roundhouse Right (2012Feb07)
Improv – Bold and Brash (2012Feb07)
Nine (9) Miscellaneous Standards (2012Feb07)
Improv – My Zippo Is Guaranteed (2012Feb10)
“You’re A Sweetheart” (2012Feb10)
“You Gotta Be A Football Hero (To Get Along With The Beautiful Girls)”  (2012Feb10)
“Ragtime Cowboy Joe” (2012Feb10)
“Racing With The Moon” (2012Feb10)
J.S. Bach’s English Suite in A minor (2012Feb11)

Improv – Steamship Pilot (2012Feb14)

Improv – Stentorian Floatations (2012Feb14)

J.S. Bach – English Suite In G Major (2012Feb13)

 Improv – Transfer Of Power (2012Feb13)

Xper Dunn Is Here!XperDunn at Piano – March 9th, 2008

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